Abner was the nighttime gatekeeper of the Holy District of Zoah. He shared a house in the Liberal District with Siffle who was the daytime gatekeeper. He found gatekeeping boring, telling Edge that it was tough just to stay awake. Abner spent a significant amount of time eating and because of this he put on weight.

Abner had a habit of borrowing money and not paying it back. When Edge visited Zoah’s Liberal District on disc 2 of Panzer Dragoon Saga, he loaned Abner some dynes so that he could purchase food. Some time later, Abner told Edge that he was unable to repay the money, but instead Edge could take “any old piece of junk” from his house. Edge was given the option of taking an old book called Dragon Book 2 which was the second part in a set of journals written by the dragon rider Lundi. It is unknown how Abner got hold of the book, but one possibility is that he was given it by Jared, a shop keeper in Zoah who was also a Seeker.

Abner once collected parts with Aldo which the two would give to Paet. However when Abner met Edge he told him that he had not been asked to collect parts recently.

When Viaman requested Edge’s assistance, he gave Edge a pass to enter the Holy District. Abner was asked to deliver it to Edge. When he found out that a mere hunter could get access to the Holy District so easily he was quite put out. He told Edge that he had been working for the Holy District for years and said he would quit.

When the Imperial troops arrived in Zoah, Abner became worried about the Empire’s weapon that could destroy an entire town. Before Zoah was destroyed he became friendly with Edge and told him that he was welcome to stay in the Liberal District.

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