An’jou was a hunter and the leader of a traveling caravan of nomads. An’jou’s homeland was destroyed and his people were seeking a new home in the village of Zoah. He had a young son named Enkak.

At first, An’jou and his people were not eager to befriend Edge, fearing that he was from the Empire. However, once An’jou caught sight of the pendant that Edge was wearing around his neck he changed his mind as it showed that Edge was a friend of Gash. He was then willing to help Edge look for Craymen in the Forbidden Zone, although he advised against going there, believing it to be suicide (he did not know that Edge had a dragon).

An’jou believed that the dragon was created by the gods. The dragon’s reappearance, he believed, was a sign that the caravaners would be saved.

An’jou requested that Edge did not tell anyone about Raul’s previous involvement with the Empire. It appears that only An’jou knew of Raul’s backstory amoung the caravan folk.

When An’jou’s son Enkak became ill, An’jou went looking for a Tobitama Rock. When he returned and found that Edge had found the cure to save his son’s life, An’jou gave Edge the most expensive item that the caravan owned: a Berserk Vampire.

When An’jou learnt that Zoah had been destroyed he began to lose hope. However, he was grateful that Enkak was alive at least.

When Bezer crashed in Paet’s airship, An’jou found his body.

An’jou told Edge that he would make a good father, possibly referring to Kou’s proposal that he marry Fei. He told Edge, “Travel alone, as much as you wish, while you are young. But one day, you’ll want a family of your own, to carry on your family name.”

Even though An’jou found the Forest of Zoah beautiful, after the village of Zoah was destroyed he knew that he had to move on. He did not tell Enkak of their destination because he was not sure himself and did not want to dampen Enkak’s spirits.

In the epilogue of , An’jou can be seen with the rest of his caravan near the edge of the desert. He encountered Azel, and warned her of the dangers of crossing the desert. Although Azel did not take his advice, An’jou gave her a coolia and she set off into the distance.

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