Bezer was a boy from the Holy District of Zoah. He was the grandson of the high priest of Zoah, Damon. Both of Bezer’s parents were killed prior to the events of Panzer Dragoon Saga, so Damon took the boy under his wing.

Bezer ran away from his grandfather because he wanted to live on his own terms, without the protection of the gods, and created a hideout where he lived. It mostly contained toys belonging to Bezer. Bezer feared that if his grandfather found his hideout he would throw Bezer’s things away. The hideout was located in the Holy District of Zoah, but could only be accessed by crawling through a well in the Liberal District. When Edge discovered Bezer’s hideout, Bezer have him an Amirkhan Ring in return for Edge not telling anyone the location of his hideout.

Bezer wondered what life was like outside of Zoah, a life free from the strict laws of the Zoah religion. He did not understand the dangers of the outside world and wanted to use Paet’s airship to leave Zoah. He thought he would be able to fight the Empire using Paet’s airship. Bezer wanted to become a hunter or join a caravan when he left town.

When Bezer found out that Edge was working for the Holy District he no longer respected him, claiming that Edge was “just like everyone else.”

Bezer told Edge that he did not get along with his grandfather (the actual text says ‘father’, however this appears to be a typo or mistranslation as Bezer’s father was dead). When his grandfather was stripped of his title of high priest, Bezer still did not want to go home.

Just before Zoah was destroyed by the Grig Orig, Bezer and Paet escaped in the airship that Paet had been working on. They later joined the Seekers of Skiad Ops Gash. When Edge arrived at the Seekers’ Stronghold, Bezer became angry and blamed Edge for not saving Zoah. He believed that Edge deserted the people of Zoah, claiming that he did not even try to save them. He asked Edge why he did not let the dragon fight. He said that he would leave the Seekers as soon as Paet’s airship was fixed.

Bezer appeared to be ignorant about the Ancient Age and the Towers. He believed the Ancient Age had nothing to do with people leaving in the present day. One thing that he was right about was his belief that the monsters were after the dragon.

Bezer used Paet’s airship to leave the Seekers’ Stronghold, however he crashed it and was killed. The people of An’jou’s caravan found the crashed airship and Bezer’s body.

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