Boaz was a citizen of the Holy District of Zoah. Like many residents of the Holy District, he did not approve of outsiders.

When Boaz encountered Edge, he told the young dragon rider to tell the person who summoned him that people in the Holy District did not trade with outsiders. He believed that trade with the outside would only bring trouble.

Boaz told Edge to stay away from Rhoda, a young girl who lived in the Holy District who got on well with Edge. He said that this was because Rhoda was approved by the council to live in the Holy District.

Boaz did not agree with Quitor, another resident of the Holy District, who sold ‘blessings of the forest’ to outsiders. He did not think that would be enough food and said, “If our people thoughtlessly pick all the blessings of the forest, there won’t be enough supplies for us in the future.” He believed that trading with the outside could cause more outsiders to come to Zoah and feared that this could start a war. He believed that sharing the blessings of the forest with outsiders was against the will of the gods.

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