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A frontier Hunter rides a Coolia.

Coolias are domesticated mutated creatures in the Panzer Dragoon series. In the English language translation of Panzer Dragoon Zwei the name 'khourieat' is used, while the translations of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta use 'coolia'. In the Japanese language guidebook Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei they are named “Courea” in English text.


Coolias are bipedal, reptile-like mutated creatures. They originated from the southwestern regions of the Continent and evolved with the ability to cross large deserts with ease. On average, coolias can grow to be approximately four meters long, one meter wide, and two and a half meters tall. They have the ability to cross a 100 meter span in only two to three seconds, and have an extraordinary resistance to attack. Coolias have no offensive capability beyond biting their prey.[1][2] Coolias are eaten by other creatures, such as stryders.[3]

Gash mounted on a coolia.


Coolias were often used as mounts by frontier Hunters, Seekers, and Meccanian soldiers.[1] The Meccanian army found them so useful that six different divisions of coolia riders were formed. One use was as border police.

Coolias were also used for farming purposes, and in Elpis they were bred and sold. The people of Elpis had a code to kill mutant coolias that were born with a glowing "ominous light" in their throats.

In-game Depictions

Azel rides a coolia.

Kyle Fluge and his companions can be seen riding coolias while hunting in the introduction to Panzer Dragoon.

In Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Lundi's dragon, Lagi, began life as a mutant coolia, and Meccanian border police are seen mounted on coolias in Episode 2.

Coolias appear in several places in Panzer Dragoon Saga; Gash rides a coolia through the valley prior to the battle with the Arachnoth, the People of the Caravan own several coolias, and in the epilogue, Azel rides away from An'jou on the back of one.

In Panzer Dragoon Orta, coolias appear in Episode 1, which takes place in Yelico Valley.



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