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Edge's dragon

Edge's dragon is a male[note 1] dragon who Edge rode in Panzer Dragoon Saga. He met his dragon after riding the elevator from bottom floor of the ruins at Excavation Site 74. Edge was surrounded by several pure-type creatures, but the dragon appeared and fired lasers at the creatures, killing them and saving Edge's life.

Players controlling Edge have the option to name the dragon in Panzer Dragoon Saga at campsites throughout the game. Naming the dragon is not a requirement to progress through the game, so players have the option not to name him. There is also a third choice available; players can choose to “just call him dragon”. If players choose this last option, then the name “Dragon” is used to refer to Edge’s dragon in the game, for example when failing to destroy the fans near the excavation site, Edge will think to himself, “Dragon’s lasers are too weak.”

Edge's dragon was designed by Satoshi Sakai.




  1. Edge uses male pronouns when referring to the dragon.

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