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The Federation of Meccania was a nation that existed on the southern part of the Continent from an unknown date until its absorption into the Empire in 73AF, following the Meccania War and the Shelcoof Incident.

As a federation, Meccania was a union of seven semi-autonomous “oasis-states,” with a legislative Senate, made up of representatives from each of the Federation’s city-states.[1]

At the height of their power, prior to the Meccania War, the Federation of Meccania rivaled the Empire in military might.


The History of Meccania and its Oasis-States is unfortunately not as well documented as the Empire’s, perhaps due to the southern region’s fragmented history.

The populations of each oasis-state grew due to their nature as habitable areas in the otherwise inhospitable southern region. As trade between Oasis-States developed, friendly political and cultural ties grew. These were informal and more necessitated by survival than anything else.

But, as the expansionist Empire rose in power, these oasis-states saw the benefit of a more formal political arrangement and together they formed the Meccanian Federation[2].

The dates of these events are unfortunately not known to us.

In the lead up to the Meccanian War, the Meccanian Senate authorized excavations of Ancient Age ruins in their own territories. It appears to be around this time that the Optical Weapon was discovered.

By 70 AF, relations between the Federation and the Empire had been shredded. The Empire had openly accused Meccania of stealing an aerial battleship and used that as justification to attack the Federation. While the claim of theft was false, Meccania did engage in kidnappings of Imperial Academy researchers, most likely in an attempt to speed up their weapons development.  

Meccania engaged in combat with the Imperial Air Force

What followed was the Meccanian War— an all out conflict between the two powers on the continent.

On year into that conflict, 71 AF, began the Shelcoof Incident, which resulted in the total destruction of the Meccanian oasis-state of Elpis by the flying tower Shelcoof and set in motion the events depicted in Panzer Dragoon Zwei.[3]

By 73 AF Meccania had been subjected and absorbed into the Empire. Over the following decades, mentions of Meccania become increasingly less frequent and by 120 AF Meccania is only referenced in historical documents and by the illness “Meccania Fever.”

Meccania’s Oasis-States & Their Culture

It is known that Meccania was made up of seven oasis-states. Information about these specific oasis-states is limited. Each oasis-state maintained a distinct and unique cultural identity as well as regional languages that stemmed from a  common progenitor language. It is heavily implied that despite these differences, trade and communication were unaffected.

The people of the Meccanian Federation attempted to live more harmoniously with Aggressive Lifeforms than the people of the Empire by raising Aggressive Lifeforms and, in the border areas, even living besides wild Aggressive Lifeforms. Meccanian border soldiers used Scent Stones to protect themselves from these Mutated Aggressive Lifeforms.


Main article: Elpis

The oasis state of Elpis is known because of its specific history as the hometown of Jean Jacque Lundi and its role in the Shelcoof Incident.

Elpis was not suitable for agricultural living. As such, the oasis-state pivoted to breeding Aggressive Lifeforms, specifically coolias. Because vast deserts covered the arid landscape between oasis-states, transportation became essential. Not only that, but various important commodities, such as medicine or weapons, were refined from exoskeletons of Aggressive Lifeforms.

Elpis had their own regional culture as well. Most specific was a code of killing any and all “mutated” coolias. It was Lundi’s refusal to follow this code that set in motion the events of Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

Political organization

It is known that the Federation of Meccania functioned very much like real-world federations. There was a constitution that outlines rights and privileges afforded to citizens, though the specific text is unknown.

There is also a Senate composed of representatives from each oasis-state. This Senate had the ability to create and enforce laws and held power over governance. This senate grew out of the natural meeting of village leaders during the trade exchanges and seems to predate the actual federation itself.

It is unknown if Meccania had an executive of any kind or if the business of running the Federation was handled solely by the legislative branch. It is reasonable to assume that Meccania had some form of judicial system, but any specifics are not known to us.


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