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Gigra are mutated creatures that can be found in subterranean areas. Gigra hibernate until they are summoned by a gigralyph, referred to as a "cousin" of the gigra.[1] The gigralyth can use it's intelligence to control the physical properties of the gigra; the gigra and gigralyth have a symbiotic relationship and can combine in order to change shape. This is so that the pair can use the gigralyth's intelligence and the gigra's bulky form to hunt for food.[2]

Edge and his dragon encountered a gigra/gigralyth pair in some Ancient ruins beneath the Garil Desert.

During the encounter, the gigra transforms into a number of forms, including the hunter gigra[3], fighter gigra[4], and swift gigra[5]. Yukio Futatsugi has stated that the encounter with the gigra was specifically added to show players how to effectively use morphing.[6]. Edge's Dragon transforms into the Valiant Wing and morphs into it's defense class to match the Gigra's form.


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