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The Imperial Capital (帝国首都 Teikokushuto?) is the sixth stage from Panzer Dragoon, the capital of the Empire, where Kyle Fluge and the Blue Dragon fight against the Prototype Dragon and Imperial forces.

The attack on the Imperial Capital was described by an Imperial author in Panzer Dragoon Saga's Tower Report 1 as one of the darkest days in Imperial history.[1] The book claims that the attack as resulted in the total annihilation of the Imperial troops. The battle between Blue Dragon and Prototype dragon, combined with attacks from creatures and the destruction of the nearby Tower caused most of the Imperial Capital to be destroyed. The Imperial Palace and Academy were only minimally damaged. Nevertheless, this caused the Empire to reexamine their defense plan and build the flying fortress Grig Orig for the Seventh Emperor to reside in which was designed to be impenetrable by dragons.

The Imperial Capital was destroyed by K. F. Craymen in the introduction to Panzer Dragoon Saga.


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