Keil and his companions

The hunting companions of Keil Fluge are minor characters in Panzer Dragoon. They go in a hunt for Burrowers and are surprised by one that jumps from the ground behind them, one of the hunters falling from his mount. Keil gives chase to the Burrower and wanders away from his companions, eventually leaving them behind when he joins the Blue Dragon to stop the Black Dragon.

Other mediaEdit

Panzer Dragoon (OVA)Edit

Similar to the game, Keil (named Kyle in the OVA) goes in a hunt with two companions, here being his blind girlfriend Alita and the more experienced hunter Devidok. When the Black Dragon appears, it captures Alita and kills Devidok, and Kyle joins the Blue Dragon to rescue his girlfriend. After her rescue, Alita somehow gained her vision.


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