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Ladha the guardian was an older woman who belonged to the Seekers lead by Skiad Ops Gash. She was a healer, perhaps the only doctor amoung the Seekers. When Azel was unconscious, she told Edge not to worry about his friend as she believed that Azel would wake up soon, although it is unclear whether she believed this or was just trying comfort Edge. Ladha told Edge that it must have been a difficult journey for him and that he should make himself comfortable in the Seekers' Stronghold.

She appeared upset when she learnt that Azel has run away and told Edge that she hoped Azel was safe. She also knew background about another Seeker called Shella who had stopped speaking since her father had died.

After the Seekers’ battle with the monsters, Ladha prepared a funeral pyre for burning the dead. Unlike Gash who was skeptical of the gods, it appears that Ladha was religious and believed in the afterlife as she could later be seen praying to a statue that she said “contains the souls of the dead”.

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