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The Panzer Dragoon video game series utilizes a fictional language spoken by the residents of the Panzer Dragoon world. It is unofficially referred to by fans as "Panzerese".

The Panzer Dragoon language is spoken for the entirety of the dialogue in Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Orta. In Panzer Dragoon Saga, the language is only used in select parts of the game, such as the opening cinematic, while the majority of the voice acting is in Japanese. In Panzer Dragoon: Remake, the spoken dialogue from the original Panzer Dragoon which is spoken in the language is reused in the cinematics.


Word Meaning Notes
Abo That Possible pronoun
Azel (Ah-zell) Drone
Alude “Ow-day” Possibly attached before

the verb to make it negative

Accell Resuce/Help me
Areru Errand/Messenger/Envoy/Emissary
Insuretia Having an abnormality “De” is used as a prefix for this
Intelligel To understand/recognise/comprehend Latin - “intellego”
Empainia Empire
Empotam Sovereign Emperor
Aude (Audee) To listen Imperative, Latin - audi
Ale (Ail) Wings Latin - ales
Ec (Ek) Prefix donoting a question Preceeds the last word. Latin - ec
Ekshia To appear/come forth/leave Latin - exeo
Excell Excavation site
Ecce (Ehkay) “Look!” etc Urgent/Caution/Warning

Latin - Ecce

Aetertisia (Etertisia) Permanence/Immortality/Eternity Eternal

Latin - Aeternitas

Elsdinaught Dread/Dismay/Terror
Ops Eye
Orig Fist/Hand
Kahts Correspondence/Communication/News
Courea/Khourieat (Kooria) Riding animal
Gescal (De) (oneself) to die/be killed Possible conjugated verb
Geskell (De) (others) to die/be killed Possible conjugated verb
Generous Sublime/High class/Aristocratic Latin - generosus
Grig Iron/Metal
Chorus Song Latin - chorus
Cognitum To know Latin - cognitum
Sancitu (Sanshitoo) Holy/Sacred/Dignity Latin - sancitus
Sitien (Shitien) Dry/Drought/Thirst Latin - sitiens
Suos Friend Rhua (?)
Skiad Shadow/Shade
Caelum (Saylum) Sky/Heaven Latin - caelum
Centuria Imperial Army Latin - Centurion (?)
Sona Then/Thereupon (Are)
Sana (Sawna) To sing/Celebrate Latin - sono
Takutaku Thank you
Taire (Tire) Sea/Ocean
Dire To report/Transmit
Deeah To call out/invite/recall Deatupu (?)
Ty (Tay) How? Interrogative
Dy (Day) What? Greek - ti
Defencia To protect/obey/guard Defense
Tenna Time
Dena Yes/Your will/Your pleasure Like “yessir!” or “Your majesty”
Teryu Tower Latin - turris
Tu You Latin - tu
Dragone Dragon
Treyda To deliver/hand over Latin - trado
Naus Ship Greek - Naus
Narrel To tell/story Narration

Latin - narro

Neehil Nothing Annihilation

Latin - nihil

Noster We/Ourselves
Baska Bad luck
Posteri Descendants/Ancestors Most likely refering to the ancient

people rather than Leekyua,

which is linked to the technology. Latin - posteri

Posselna (Passelna) Possession/Property Latin - possideo
Volucritus (Volicritus) To fly Latin - volucritas
Valde (Valday) Very/Greatly Latin - valde
Paldeel Falling into ruin/to ruin
Faniba To chase/run after
Feimous Light
Fiare ?
Festina Hurry! (Order) Latin - festina
Femi Woman
Fugaf To run away/flee/escape Latin - fugio
Hume (Hoom) Ground/land/soil/country Latin - humus
Prena (Pray-na) To ask/pray/wish/bed/entreat Latin - preamen
Frota Transport/carry
Veni-eh To come/happen/come about/come to pass/arise Latin - venio
Pritus Wait “Pritus!”
Pertina To pertain/relate to/concern/to affect/to influence “De” is used as a prefix for this

Latin - pertineo

Bon Symbol
Potentia Strength/Might/Power Latin - potentia
Makkral Predatory creature
Mi (Me) Honourable prefix (Lord)
Mea (Mia) My/Our Latin - mea
Metkes To request/beg “M…Mistiss”
Laos Person/Human being “La…laos?”
Laosling Artificial
Loksenia Mutant
Rekyua (Old Century) Ancient Race
Leia Travel/Trip/Journey

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