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A number of achievements (trophies on PlayStation) are unlockable in most versions of Panzer Dragoon: Remake.

Platform Support

Although the Nintendo Switch version of Panzer Dragoon: Remake does not include achievements, later releases include a set of 22 achievements/trophies.[1] Platforms with achievement support include Stadia, Steam,, PlayStation, and Xbox. The PlayStation version includes an extra platnium trophy for unlocking all of the other trophies.[2]


As of November 2020, 99.3% of Steam players had obtained the "Hello World" achievement for starting the game, while only 0.6% had achieved the "Lifeless" achievement for playing for at least 100 hours.[3]

List of Achievements / Trophies

Name Criteria Trophy Value (PlayStation) GamerScore Value (Xbox)
Panzer Dragoon Gather all other trophies! Platinum
Hello World Start game Bronze
Drop in the lake Finish level 1 Bronze
Dune Finish level 2 Bronze
Sunset Boulevard Finish level 3 Bronze
Isolation Finish level 4 Bronze
Greenday Finish level 5 Bronze
Undersiege Finish level 6 Bronze
The Great Storm Finish level 7 Gold
Hidden menu Open shadow menu Gold
Ninja dragon Finish level with hp >=70% Silver
Butterknife Finish level 1 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Scissor Finish level 2 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Dagger Finish level 3 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Shark with laser eyes Finish level 4 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Sword Finish level 5 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Axe Finish level 6 with shoot ratio >=70% Silver
Goliath Finish level 7 on hard Gold
Godless Play level on god mode Gold
Not good enough Die at least once Bronze
Useless feature Finish campaign on any difficulty without auto aim Gold
Lifeless Have 100+ hours in game Gold
Leeroy Jenkins Finish a level without killing a non-boss enemy Gold