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A digital version of the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Original Soundtrack, released digitally for the first time in 2018. Unlike the compact disc version, this digital version does not feature a sound effects track at the end of the album.


The official English language version of the tracklist is as follows:[1]

  1. Bond -Main Theme-
  2. Omen
  3. The Light of Legend
  4. Destiny Begins
  5. To the Journey
  6. Great Canyon
  7. The Empire Theme
  8. First Flight
  9. Imperial Giant Cargo Ship
  10. Forbidden Forest
  11. Hanumunn
  12. Ruins
  13. Attack from Darkness
  14. Rand Dora
  15. Frozen Sea
  16. Battle Decided
  17. Unexpected Enemy
  18. Requiem
  19. Farewell
  20. Reminiscence
  21. Lagi and Lundi -Theme of Zwei-


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