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The Prototype Imperial Assault Ship

The Prototype Imperial Assault Ship (帝国軍試作型戦艦 Teikoku-gun shisaku-gata senkan?) is the Episode 3 boss in Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon: Remake. Before the battle starts, it appears as two separate pieces that combine to form one ship.

The Prototype Imperial Assault Ship was not in accordance with the Imperial Army's weapons development plan. If the authorities were to learn of its existence, those who were responsible for creating it would be executed for wasting valuable float engines.[1] It is of questionable use in actual warfare, although it may be effective in intimidating enemy forces.[1]

Due to the fact that all of the other weapons at the excavation site were destroyed by Kyle Fluge and his dragon, the deployment of the Prototype Imperial Assault Ship was necessary.[1]


The Prototype Imperial Assault Ship is a versatile, form changing vehicle. Both pieces that make up the ship can be controlled independently of each other. A walking function was made possible by precise control of the engines. The articulated joints that make this possible were based on an artifact that was discovered from the Ancient Age.[1] The ship also has the ability to leap into the air and fire projectiles.



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