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Beefly - a Pure-Type Creature capable of flight.

Pure-type Creatures are biomechanical (or cyber-genetic) creatures that inhabit the Continent. Created by the Ancients, and produced by the Towers, Pure-Type Creatures assist Sestren in fulfilling “the will of the ancients” by acting as a form of population and ecological control.

Pure-Type Creatures, with notable exceptions, do not appear motivated by any higher-thinking beyond an instinctual need to reduce the human population. They are simply living weapons. Often, Pure-Type Creatures will remain dormant until “awakened” by the presence of humans.

In contrast, Mutated Creatures also inhabited the Continent.



A distinctive feature of Pure-Type Creatures is their white or ivory colored exoskeleton made out of an almost impenetrable material. Repeated examples within the Panzer Dragoon series show Pure-Type Creature’s exoskeletons provide excellent defense against small arms fire[1].


Image showing Pure-Type Creature cells reacting to light. Produced with "Imperial Academy’s optical science looking glass" - Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei - pg 28

Pure-Type Monsters require no food, and many, if not all, pure-type creatures, generate energy via Photosynthesis. By approximately Imperial Year 73, this had been confirmed by Imperial Academy researchers.[2]


Many Pure-type creatures are capable of flight, despite their body shape and size. Pure-Type Creatures fly with the aid of special organs that control gravity, rather than generating lift. Wings on certain Pure-Type Creatures, such as the Beefly, achieve this control through vibration.[3]


Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei states that Pure-Type Creatures reproduce through monogenesis and are able to restore population levels in particular areas with ease.

This Pure-Type Creature exhibits the common ivory/white exoskeleton.

The guidebook goes on to say, “In the case that their environment has actually become more safe, individual lifeforms will develop into either male or female, which allows them to control the spawn rate of spontaneously evolved lifeforms.”[2]

This appears to be the means by which Mutated Creatures arise.

Additionally, It is unclear if this information is wholly accurate, or in-canon speculation, as it is also stated multiple times that Pure-Type Creatures are generated by the Towers.


Pure-Type Creatures are found throughout the Continent in varied distributions. Not surprisingly, pure-type creatures are more commonly found in ruins and Towers. Pure-type Creatures may remain dormant for long periods of time, even from the Ancient Age itself, until awakened by the presence of a human.[2][4]

A pure-type creature attacks all humans in indiscriminately after being awoken from a dormant state.

Once awakened, Pure-Type Creatures will relentlessly attack using any number of biomechanical weapons at their disposal.

Unique Pure-Type Creatures[]


Main article: Dragon

Engineered by the Ancients for very specific purposes, Dragons are Pure-Type Creatures from the Ancient Age. The distinct exoskeletal armor is present in most Dragon forms. Unlike other Pure-Type Creatures, Dragons appear to have a distinct level of awareness and intelligence. Their ability to telepathically communicate with Dragon riders is unique in the Panzer Dragoon Canon.


Main Article: Drone

Drones were humanoid Pure-Type Creatures created to do physical, laborious work for them. Some Drones, like Azel, were created with exceptionally high intelligence so they may command and ride Dragons[3].


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