Shelcoof was a massive rectangular ship constructed out of a boney-white material similar to the material used to build anti-gravity engines (the similarities are too apparent to ignore). Shelcoof was activated by Sestren for a specific task: to hunt down the Heresy Dragon who had entered the body of a coolia, which Sestren regarded as an “Impurity”. A year after the winged coolia was born in the village of Elpis (a Greek word meaning hope) and rapidly began to take the shape of an actual dragon, the huge hovering ship burned down the village from the sky using a vertical energy beam which filled the horizon with a shockwave of the purest white as it struck the earth, resulting in Lundi’s quest for vengeance in Panzer Dragoon Zwei. It was unclear to players at the time why the ship attacked the village but it was later revealed by Sestren that the ship was sent to destroy Elpis in the hopes of killing the dragon.

Panzer Dragon ZweiEdit

By the time Shelcoof reached Elpis, the dragon had reached nearly full maturity thanks to being hidden away by Lundi, the first rider of the dragon saviour (the same dragon Shelcoof was sent to eliminate). Lundi had named the dragon Lagi earlier and both were outside Elpis when the Ancient ship attacked and so avoided certain death. Lundi sought revenge for the destruction of his home and began a journey that would change his life forever. Mounted on the now nearly fully grown Lagi, they both waded through the burning remains of Elpis in search of the ship responsible for the carnage, but by this time Lagi’s wings weren’t strong enough to fly and Shelcoof fled the scene untouched. Afterwards, Shelcoof flew north towards the Empire (according to Lundi’s journal) where even Imperial warships eager to seize the monolithic ship to add to their arsenal could not block its path. The Imperials naturally chased it until they could not afford to lose any more of their own ships.

Lagi and Lundi did not let anything deter them from chasing the ship themselves no matter what horrors it had in store for them, however. Shelcoof unleashed wave after wave of pure type bio-weapons to fight against it pursuers from afar, but it did not slow them down significantly. The fledgling dragon denied its attackers an early death, and gave them all an early grave to every last one of them instead. Shelcoof kept unleashing bio-monsters while heading south east towards Georgius where the clouds gathered like a blanket over the sky (fans have speculated that its choice of destination may have related to the Tower of Uru but this is not confirmed). Lagi and Lundi survived the many perils directed towards them whilst never losing ground on Shelcoof; by now, Lagi had grown so powerful that nothing could stop him. The two eventually caught up with the ship over the snow white clouds of Georgius where they intended to deliver it the long overdue justice that it deserved in their eyes. There they destroyed half of its forward anti-gravity engines, which had helped it sail the skies, inflicting a mortal blow from which Shelcoof would never recover.

Now that his mission was accomplished, Lagi bid farewell to his dragon rider and soared off into the unknown. As the dragon and rider departed each other’s company, the only thing Lundi could do was witness the Ancient skyship responsible for destroying his home burst with blinding rays of white light overhead. Shelcoof lay bent, broken and powerless on the ground below after which Lundi decided to explore the inside of the ship to see what secrets it hid from the world. To his surprise, he was stunned to find Lagi stone cold as if he were hibernating inside.

Panzer Dragon SagaEdit

At some point after, the remnants of Shelcoof regained a tiny measure of its former power. Edge, while exploring Georgius, found what was left of the Ancient skyship healing its own wounds inside a tornado. It had nowhere near the power it once possessed, yet it still managed to repair itself somehow over time.

Sentry robots, as part of an “Intruder removal system” had spun an impenetrable tornado around the craft in order to seemingly shield the defunct ship from interlopers. It has been assumed by fans that because Shelcoof shared the same purpose as the other Towers, then it could thus also control the weather. It seems that the tornado was artificially created around the ship to keep outsiders out by the combined efforts of flying sentries, which Edge destroyed to reach the ship inside. It is unclear whether the ship itself was giving the orders or if Sestren was intervening on its behalf. Sestren was controlling it to some extent, however, since Sestren controls all of the Towers. When Edge discovered Shelcoof while riding his dragon friend into the unseen, the front half of Shelcoof, minus half of its anti-gravity sails, hovered itself up from the ground. It had still not recovered from being almost put to rest by Lagi and Lundi when they destroyed half of its sails decades earlier.

Edge could finally put the Ancient skyship to rest by blowing up its remaining sails once his dragon’s laser ranks were high enough, and thereby put an end to its plans once and for all.

Panzer Dragoon OrtaEdit

In the one of the memory chambers, Orta sees the virtual version of the Shelcoof.

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