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Shelcoof was a large Ancient Age aerial battleship that appeared on the Continent in 71 AF. Shelcoof’s origin point is unknown, but Shelcoof was a product of the Ancient Age and was created sometime in the distant past, roughly 10,000 years prior to its first in-game appearance.

In the Old Diary, Lundi refers to Shelcoof as the "floating Tower" and the "Tower of the Sky".[1] While not stated explicitly it can be assumed that Shelcoof serves the same dual purposes of ecological and environmental control as the other towers.


Appearance - 71 AF

In 71 AF[2][3], Shelcoof was activated by Sestren and obliterated the Meccanian oasis-state of Elpis. This attack was an attempt to stop Lagi, the reincarnated Hersey Dragon, from fulfilling the Destruction Faction’s goal of freeing humanity from “the will of the ancients.”

Following the destruction of Elpis, Shelcoof followed an eastward trajectory, crossing the border between Meccania and the Empire, flying over a forest in Imperial territory, and ultimately towards the Frontier[4]. All the while pursued by Lundi and Lagi.

Shelcoof above the ruins of Elpis.

At the Forbidden Sea, Shelcoof deployed Nooth, a pure-type weapon, in another attempt to stop Lundi and Lagi.

After Nooth was defeated, Shelcoof turned south towards Georgius. During the final battle over Georgius, half of Shelcoof’s anti-gravity engines, and the battleship’s incubative core, were destroyed.

Once the core was destroyed, the Guardian Dragon was released and a battle with Lagi and Lundi ensued. Even though the battle took place far from any human civilizations, Jared, a seeker living in 120 AF, was aware of the conflict.

Following the final battle, Shelcoof crashed—allowing Lundi to briefly explore the interior[5].

Slumber and Destruction - 71 AF - 120 AF

Shelcoof in Georgius.

Sometime after the events of 71 AF, Shelcoof regained some power and began attempting to repair itself. Shelcoof went as far as to create a permanent artificial tornado to act as a shield during this time.

Shelcoof remained in this state till around 120 AF, when Edge and his dragon discovered the ship. Edge disabled the repair system, found the dragon pup within Shelcoof, and then destroyed the tower once and for all.

In-game Depictions

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

Shelcoof is the major antagonist of Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, and is seen in several cutscenes. Episode 6 is set in the interior and exterior of Shelcoof.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Shelcoof is a plot point in Panzer Dragoon Saga and both the interior and exterior appear several times in the game. A hologram image of Shelcoof also appears in the Sestren Data Circuit towards the end of the game.

Panzer Dragoon Orta

In Episode 7, Forbidden Memories, Orta visits the Sestren data circuit where, towards the end of the episode, Shelcoof is visible flying in the background.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record

Shelcoof is set to be featured in Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record and has already appeared in concept art.



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