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For the faction, see People of Zoah.

The village of Zoah was a settlement in the western region of the continent. It is one of the main “town” areas in Panzer Dragoon Saga where Edge can stock up on supplies and gather clues and information relating to the game world. Zoah was designed by Jina Ishiwatari Tsukahara, the lead city designer for Panzer Dragoon Saga.[1]


Zoah was described as a large town by the people of An’jou’s caravan. It is unclear if they had seen the settlement for themselves or had heard about it from others.


Zoah was located near a forest of the same name and the sunken ruins of Uru.


It was surrounded by a thick stone wall and guarded by a sturdy gate built near one corner of the town. The buildings within in both districts of the town were built directly into the walls. Pathways leading to the doors of the houses could be found on the ground level and atop other houses.


The village of Zoah was divided into two sections, the Liberal District and the Holy District, separated by a wall running down the centre of the town. Players can access the Liberal District on the second disc of Panzer Dragoon Saga after Edge hears rumours from An'jou’s people that the town was located nearby. The Holy District can be visited on the third disc of Panzer Dragoon Saga after Edge is given a pass by Viaman which allowed him to enter through the gate in the Liberal District.

Liberal District

Notable locations:

  • Gatekeeper's house
  • Jared's shop
  • Radgam's house
  • Juba's bar
  • Aldo's house
  • Paet's airship

Holy District

Notable locations:

  • Bezer's hideout (entrance from the Liberal District)
  • Viaman's house
  • Church

Occupation by the Empire

During the third disc of Panzer Dragoon Saga, the Empire overran the village of Zoah.


The ruins of Zoah.

After Edge destroyed their airforce base, the Empire blamed the people of Zoah and prepared their revenge. The Imperial flag ship, Grig Orig, fired its cannon at the town. The laser cannon sliced through the centre of Zoah, destroying it with a single blast.


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